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Why grandma was right about herbal tea

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

Herbs have natural health benefits and by consuming them as herbal tea they not only taste good. but are good for your body too.

Growing up I drank a lot of green and black teas, which are traditional teas in my culture of Uzbekistani heritage. Green and black teas have strong flavors, and sometimes are not for everyone’s liking, especially in a more western culture. I grew up in a rural area of Uzbekistan that was more desert-like with rolling hills and golden sunsets. My grandma often made her own herbal teas when we ran out of black or green tea. I loved watching my grandma first drying the herbs; the smells that filled the house when the tea was brewing, and tasting the different flavors of the dried leaves of herbs and flowers in the tea always made me feel cozy, safe, welcomed, and at home.

Moringa Mintea, Multea, and Hibistea of Ivory Naturals evoke similar feelings of happiness and warmth inside me, reminding me of my grandma and my childhood. These teas are not strongly flavored compared to black or green teas, so they are perfect for relaxing during a lunch break at work, or for the last cup of tea before bed, because they don’t have much caffeine that would inhibit sleep. For me, the warm spices of Hibistea especially are very relaxing and prepare the body for the night with their calming effect. The body gets the right signals for winding down from a stressful day, starting to relax, and getting ready for bed.

Multea on the other hand has the opposite effect for me. The strong flavor of lemon grass rejuvenates and wakes the body up. This would be a great tea in the morning to start the day with its light tropical fruits, the lemon coming through light and yet strong, in a very great harmony of flavors. The body dehydrates during the night just through breathing and this tea is a great way to gently rehydrate the body in the morning without putting too much pressure on the nervous system that too much caffeine might have. It is a pleasant and gentle way to prepare the body and inner organs for the start of a brand-new day.

Moringa Minta has a very pleasant flavor with licorice that especially reminds me of my childhood. It is a great tea for during the day that has a light flavor and isn’t too strong to overwhelm the sense. It is a great tea for relaxing in between stressful meetings, to rehydrate the body after a long workout, or to simply dwell on childhood memories.

These three teas, with different tastes, give you the warm glow of comfort and goodness in these days of chill weather. These taste great with just hot water. Avoid adding sugar or milk but try adding some honey or lime to liven up on taste. However, as with consuming anything new, please do check with your doctor before you start on these teas. And do let me know how you experience these teas.

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