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Multea (Mulberry tea) - Herbal tea designed to manage sugar levels the natural way


(1 box of 25 tea bags)


Herbal and Vegan | Certified Kosher | NO GMO | Gluten-Free

Multea (mulberry tea) is a delicious combination of mulberry leaf, guava leaf and black tea leaf. Multea is enriched with natural Polyphenols, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Zinc, Calcium, Iron and Potassium. Contains proteins, dietary fiber, mono & poly unsaturated fatty acids (MUFA, PUFA) for holistic well being.


Health Benefits of Mulberry Tea


Blood Glucose

Mulberry tea’s gallic acid content may help lower blood glucose levels. This can benefit those with type 2 diabetes with regular blood glucose levels monitoring. 



Mulberry tea may help manage or lower blood cholesterol levels or low density lipoprotein (LDL) that can potentially lead to heart disease, among others ailments.


Losing Weight

For maintaining or controlling body weight, mulberry tea contains deoxynojirimycin, a compound that inhibits the body’s absorption of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates, when absorbed too quickly by the body, can lead to weight gain. 


Heart Health

Pertaining to heart health, atherosclerosis occurs when the arteries narrow due to the build-up and hardening of plaque along the walls. Mulberry tea may help prevent that build-up due to the presence of astragalin and isoquercitrin compounds. Quercetin, a part of isoquercitrin is an antioxidant.


Anti Bacterial

Mulberry tea could inhibit bacterial growth,  helping alleviate or provide a natural cure for strep throat.

Ingredients Information:


Mulberry leaf

Mulberry leaf provides significant blood sugar lowering effects. It is rich in Antioxidants and contains Calcium, Zinc, Potassium, Phosphorous, Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Contains dietary & crude fiber. Mulberry leaf helps in cholesterol & stress management.


Guava leaf

Guava leaf contains Flavonoids, Alkaloids Phenols, Saponins, Tannins and Vitamin C. Consumption of guava infusion helps in both blood sugar and cholesterol management.


Tea leaf

Tea leaf is enriched with Polyphenols, Tannins & Caffeine and is well known for its antioxidant properties. It provides wealth of health benefits including managing blood sugar.


Multea (Mulberry tea) is caffeine free.

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